Fashion Week Ljubljana - First day - Outfit

22 April 2014

I was really lucky and happy to wear such a beautiful outfit on Fashion Week. The blazer and the skirt are by my friend and designer Eva Jančar Kalan (Evita clothing) who acted as my fairy and turned me into a princess for that night. Thank you so much Eva.
The shoes are by a Slovenian company Peko, the necklace by Perla (also from Slovenia) and my clutch is by Killah (not from Slovenia).

Hope you love it as much as I do :)

Photo: Matevž Kalan

Photo: Aleš Jenko

Blazer and skirt - Eva Jančar Kalan (Evita clothing)
Shoes - Peko
Necklace - Perla
Clutch - Killah


Peach Black

Fashion Week Ljubljana - First day - Students

22 April 2014

(14. to 16. April 2014)

Students’ fashion shows are special to me, even more so than the main shows. Why? Simply because, these are the shows created by people who have been waiting their whole youth to put their genius ideas into a medium and show it to the world. I feel their creative energy is at its’ peak and the pieces they create are probably the purest form of their creative genius.

This year the theme was PERPETUUM, and the students’ task was to create a sustainable  and environmentally friendly garment.

What surprised me the most was the fact that not all the pieces were avant-garde, many of them were rather wearable. Certainly all of them were absolutely fun to see, and considering they were made from recycled clothes most of them looked surprisingly awesome.

( Now, since my blog would probably crash if I’d post pictures of all the pieces shown, I’m just going to put my favorites on, and give you the link where you can see all of them if you want. )

Eva Bizjak

I’d never imagined I’d see a skirt made out of recycled jeans and yet look so elegant and wearable.

Photo: Primož Predalič,

Katja Brenčič

Katja managed to make a boring white shirt look so fun and joyous everyone was smiling when they saw it.

Photo: Primož Predalič,

Gaja Dovč

We all long to have a convertible car. Why not settle for a convertible dress by Gaja Dovč? :D Fun on the side, this is not the only reason I love this dress. The main reason is that it’s so meticulously made all the seams of the dress fit perfectly together.

Dejan Petrović

Unpractical, but who cares? It’s simply beautiful :)

Nena Hribar

I love this dress because it reminds me of the sea. The way it is put together and the way it is draped, it instantly brings the image of sea waves right before the storm.

Petra Šink

Layers, layers and layers of recycled jeans, and yet this dress looks so light.

Tjaša Korošec

I think the crochet piece on the pants is just genius. I’ve never seen anything like it done before. But the fact that it looks so integrated in them is what amazes me even more.

Sara Jankovič

I always love to see a complicated dress made so neatly as this one. Just look at how the center of the fan is evenly arranged. It’s genius!

Tea Eršte Mešković

I love the smooth change from simple to complicated in this dress. And the colour arrangement Tea chose has a calming effect I really like.

I hope you've enjoyed my review. If you’d like to see the video of the whole show follow this link.

All the photos by Aleš Jenko, unless otherwise stated under the photo.


Peach Black

Hello again :)

7 April 2014

I haven’t been here in a while now. But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. In fact I have been thinking a lot about fashion, trends, fashion people, colours, designers and everything that has anything to do with fashion. I have been trying to figure out where it all leads, where I am headed with my accessories and why I have been so indecisive when it came to creating my own clothes. It has been whirling around in my brain for some time and now it all started to accumulate and to create a clear idea and an answer to all my wondering about myself and my role in all of this.
To create is to give and you have to be very careful about what you give to others. Not for the sake of you, but mainly for the sake of others who will utilize what you have given to them in any way it is meant to be utilized. Be that to be worn, carried or simply just admired. The energy and the meaning you put in your creation, is the energy and the cause the person using it will acquire and give to others as well. That is why it is called creating. Because you don’t just create the specific thing you set up to create. You create a reaction to that thing, and reaction is infinite. You create a butterfly effect of your own emotions, of your own energy and of the forces that drive you. You basically create the world. And here comes the most important question a creative person has to ask themselves. What kind of world are you creating?
Are you creating a hopeful, peaceful, loving world? Or are you creating destruction, war and frustration? What is it that you put into your creations? What is the force that drives you to create? What is your legacy to the world?
Creative people, ask yourself - what is in your mind and heart when you create? Are the feelings positive? Because if they’re not, I beg you to burn everything you have just created! I mean think about it. Why would anyone wish to have your frustrations and anger? Nobody wants that. We all want to be happy and to enjoy our lives right?
This thought comes even more into place in fashion. Have you ever thought about what you wear? What kind of energy did the person creating it put into your clothes and what kind of emotional baggage did you get along with your new dress? Let’s do an example.
A designer creates a collection of clothes with a specific woman in their mind. That woman is a business woman, who leads a fast life, she is self-sufficient, and she wants to go to a party after work and not worry about going home to change. Sounds nice at first, but think about it again. What is the real story behind this? That woman is emotionally frustrated because she has no time for personal life. Instead of going home to her loved ones she goes to a party and gets herself drunk to forget about everything that is missing in her life. She goes home alone, or maybe with a guy she’s meat for the first time, because she wants to fill that emptiness inside her at least for a short period of time. Then she wakes up in the morning angry, frustrated and ready to destroy everyone she sees at work that day. She puts on another dress made just for her kind and goes to war. But in the end, she’s basically lonely and wasting her life.
Now tell me - do you want to be that woman? Really? Because that dress was made for that woman. And inside it, you’ll become that woman.
Or would you rather buy your clothes from a designer who had a different woman in their mind. A woman who is in touch with herself, a woman who is peaceful and loving. A woman who deals with her emotions as an adult rather than an infant. A woman who is essentially happy. Would you rather be this woman? I know I would.
So to get back to my question. Why have I been indecisive about creating clothes. My idea about what I wanted to create wasn’t clear. I was always wondering about the woman I wanted to create for and what I wanted to give to the world. Sometimes, I started to create a collection which never got finished because I didn’t really feel it. Because I was creating for all the wrong reasons. I never knew what was the thing stopping me from finishing it. Now I know. Subconsciously I didn’t want to give that kind of energy to the world. I wanted to give something positive. I wanted my clothes to have a meaning. And I’m happy that I’ve found it. Now I haven’t made a new year’s promise to myself for this year. But this is my birthday promise to myself for life. I promise that everything I create will resonate and give: peace, love and joy.


Peach Black

Tears are for boys

23 February 2014

Every day on the streets of Ljubljana there is a secret war happening. A war of styles, a war of tastes, a war of limits. Each time a girl puts on her outfit and leaves the safety of her home, she enters a war zone. Her attitude is her armor and her eyes are her weapons of choice. As she walks down the street she encounters other soldiers and thus the battle begins. She glances her opponent, first to see if she is even worthy of a fight. If she is, the next step is to find a weak spot. Weak spots are usually in the details. Pants too tight? Can’t walk in high heels? Skirt’s hem is on her knees? Her ass is showing? No? Everything looks perfect. Damn. Keep searching...
Bam! Smudged mascara!
Roles her eyes a little and uses a sly smile as a final blow to her opponent. Yet again. She’s the winner of this mysterious war, hidden behind women’s eyes.
She meets her fellow soldiers in a fancy bar on top of the city. They order cocktails in victorious colours and spend their time gossiping on all the wounded soldiers they had encountered on their battlefield throughout the day. They look and analyze each other for weaknesses and give each other useful tips on how to get rid of them. The ones with a pure heart give an honest opinion and the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
But there are also the ones who are secretly fighting against their own infantry. They will never give the whole truth. Something will always stay hidden, just in case, they ever need to fight their own.

It’s a cruel world we’re living in. But that’s how it is.

No tears! Tears are for boys.


Peach Black

Remember, remake, destroy

15 February 2014

When my generation were children ( in the 80’s ), we had certain cartoons that we watched religiously every day. For example in my region we had He-man, A je to, Stripy, La Linea and a bunch of others. Smurfs of course were everyone’s favourite. But our childhood was much more than cartoons. We had the playground, we had board games for rainy days, we had black and white computer games which were heavily pixelated, but they were the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen. But above all we had friends. Friends we all knew are going to show on the playground when it’s sunny outside and the homework is done. We had an amazing childhood and the memories of it have left such an impression on us, there is rarely anyone from my generation that doesn’t get nostalgic from time to time.
Now that we are all grown up and we see children today and all this social media bullshit, we feel two things: we’re sorry for them for not having the chance to experience what we had, and we’re sorry for us for not being able to go back to those times.
What we’ve come up with is a remake. We take something from our past, something that reminds us on our beautiful childhood and we incorporate it into the present. We’ve seen this phenomenon happen in video games, we’ve seen it happen in toys, in cooking, cartoons, etc. Take Smurfs for example. Their comeback was such a hit, they even made it to big screens. But what happened after that? Smurf toys started to appear everywhere. Smurf DVDs started to appear. Even these silly flash drives in form of Smurfs started to appear. Smurfs were commercialized to such an extent that in the end, the little blue beings with white hats had lost all their charm and became trivial. They’ve become the symbol of our generation, which is so nostalgic, it’s begging like a bum on the street for a time machine to take it back home where it belongs. We tried to change today to yesterday with an old cartoon, but we just ended up destroying such a beautiful memory by inserting it into a well organized consumerist chaos. We’ve ended up being their nemesis. We ended up being Gargamel.
The whole Smurf phenomenon got me thinking of fashion today and what happens when we try to incorporate styles from fashion history into today. Every season we hear different “experts” trying to convince us that yet again some past era has made a huge come-back. All the clothing companies manically start to produce clothes resembling that era and soon after that we see all the store windows boasting with their own interpretation of this. We all say how the clothes were so pretty in those times, we all say we love how people dressed then, and we love to wear them. But are these fashion history eras really getting the love they deserve, or are we actually destroying them with are nostalgia the same way we destroyed the Smurfs?
Have these fashion deprived times turned us into the Gargamels of fashion? Are we doing fashion any favours with this, or are we just turning it into a blue mouldy soup made out of Smurfs. And how long do we have to eat it, before we get sick of it and make something fresh for ourselves?
Well, the Smurfs aren’t going anywhere, and Gargamel is going to chase them indefinitely. So maybe we should just do the poor guy a favour and burn that Smurf forest all together. Maybe then, he’ll finally stop wallowing in this obsession over Smurfs and go shop for some truly fresh ingredients to put in his soup.
And finally maybe we should do the same and stop chasing our obsession with the past and when we start adding some fresh ingredients to our fashion soup, and showing fashion some respect, well, maybe then we’ll be reworded with our own amazing and unique fashion era.


Peach Black

Milka or Gorenjka? (is foreign really better than home-made?)

10 February 2014

On Saturday my mom gave me a Gorenjka (home brand) chocolate, but when I got home, I didn’t even look at which taste of chocolate she bought me. In a manner of seconds, I threw my Gorenjka in the food storage and I didn’t even think about it. When it comes to chocolate, I love Milka. And Gorenjka, it just simply tastes weird for me. If I have a choice between Milka and Gorenjka, I will always choose Milka. Why? Well I’ve been eating Milka since I was born, I love the image of it’s lilac wrap and the smell of it, it’s just beyond awesome. With Gorenjka, I know I was always disappointed in the taste. Why didn’t it taste good to me? Was it because it was actually that bad, or was I just used to Milka so much, I wasn’t giving our Gorenjka a chance?
Does the same thing happen in fashion in Slovenija? Is this why our people don’t appreciate our home design as much as some other foreign brands? Is this why you’ll have more chance of seeing a fake Louis Vuitton bag on our streets than an original Marjeta Grošelj bag? Is a Vuitton design really better than Grošelj, or are we just so used to foreign brands, we aren’t giving our home brands a chance to prove themselves?
I was talking to Valerija last time and we were laughing at the fact that when we were kids, we were so excited to see Made in China written on our products. We were simply enchanted by the story behind our products and that they were made somewhere so far and oriental. Kids. What do they know right? But this made me think of a time I worked in boutique downtown a few years ago. I was in charge of the store and I was working directly for the designer who made these wonderful magical clothes for children. Everything was handmade with love in Slovenija and the woman who had sewn these clothes was paid fairly for the job she was doing and worked in amazing conditions and with dignity. It was at that time that I’ve learned something disappointing about our people. It was at that time that I’ve learned why there is so much to be done in our country about fashion. It wasn’t that our design was so bad, it was just that Milka was “better” than Gorenjka.
What happened that made me feel this way was when a woman walked into the store and saw these wonderfully handmade with love in Slovenija clothes for children. She picked up this fairytale shirt for a baby in S size, looked at it amazed, read the price of 20 euros and continued reading the label until she reached the sentence Handmade with love in Slovenija and said to me: “Why would I pay 20 euros for something that was made by someone from Slovenija, when I can go to H&M?”. I stood with my mouth open to the floor and I said to her: “Because the lady who made these clothes get’s paid fairly for her job and works in normal condition! Because this is our design! Because every single thing you see in this store is unique!”.
She waited a little wondering why I am so upset, looking at me like I was carrying a message too hard to comprehend. And then she left the store. I don’t know if she ever got the message. But the worse thing was, she wasn’t the only one of our people who came in our store and didn’t buy anything because it was Handmade with love in SLOVENIJA. There were only a few Slovenians who did buy our clothes. But most of our clients were tourists, that had arrived from different countries all over the world. They were looking for something Handmade with love in Slovenija to take home to their children and grandchildren. They were enchanted by our store and what we had to offer. For them we were that special chocolate on the shelve in a lilac wrap with mesmerizing aroma. And for our own people we were just a sad chocolate in a red wrap that waited to be bought.
Is there ever going to come a time when we start appreciating home made? Is mentality in Slovenija ever going to change for better? I’m staying hopeful for this one, because I love this country. But the first step we can all do is to be the change we want to see in others.

P.S.: Gorenjka is amazing. Its’ red wrap is really sexy and the aroma, it’s beyond awesome! I’m eating it right now.


Peach Black

Silk and leather - to use or not to use?

1 February 2014

If you are already familiar with Peach Black, then you already know that I am a vegetarian. And since I have been, I haven’t used silk or leather. But a few days ago some thoughts and questions about this have started to appear in my mind. Thoughts like:

  1. How does wearing PU or rubber shoes affect my health?
  2. How does wearing synthetic products on my skin affect my health?
  3. Which of these fabrics causes more environmental problems with its’ production?
  4. And last, but not least - to use or not to use leather and silk products?

1. We all know that feet are a part of our body where we usually sweat the most. Sweat is as we all know our body’s mechanism to cool us and to get rid of the toxins from our bodies. What happens then if you put your feet into a shoe that can’t breathe? The sweat, the toxins from your body, stay on your skin. I won’t say this can cause, I’ll rather say this causes a lot of skin and nail problems to our feet. Now in summer, this is not such a big problem if you are wearing an open shoe like sandals or when you can wear cotton sneakers. But in winter, when you need to wear something waterproof and warm like boots which cover not just our feet, but also a part of leg, then you are preventing a great part of your body to breathe. Unlike polyurethane and rubber, leather is a breathable material. So my conclusion from this is, that even though I am morally against the use of leather, I am even more against hurting myself and my health.

2. Wearing synthetic products on the rest of our body causes the same problem as it does on our feet and legs. So again, the same conclusion applies to the fabrics we use on our skin. The more natural they are, the better.

3. Silk, which is natural, even though it’s not animal friendly, it’s a lesser pollutant than cotton or polyester (used as a cheap replacement for silk). According to author Kate Fletcher in the book Sustainable Fashion and Textiles - Design Journeys: “Cultivation of the mulberry trees requires far fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides than conventional cotton, since the worms are very sensitive to these chemicals. Wastewater from degumming the fibers is a minor pollutant. Overall it’s relatively eco-friendly, but that’s not including the dyeing, printing, and post-processing methods that have varying degrees of environmental impact.”.

4. What I have decided is, that even thought I am to a great extent against the use of animals for clothing, in winter or when it comes to closed shoes there is no alternative than to wear the leather option. Unlike the polyurethane ones, leather shoes are breathable. When it comes to environment, leather production is not maybe a better choice, but a leather product will last you at least 10 years, whereas the polymer product will last you one year and then you will need a new one. Now, tell me what causes more pollution? 10 polymer bags in 10 years, or 1 leather bag in 10 or more years? I think that the result is obvious. My take on silk is, it’s better for the environment to use silk than cotton or even worse - polyester, which is mostly used to replace silk. Silkworms, no matter how cruel it sounds, are not going to go extinct because of silk production, but our environment, our planet, it will, if we continue to produce man-made fibers, which aren’t bio-degradable or recyclable.

Being a vegetarian for me, doesn’t just mean not eating animals, it also means taking care of the environment and above all, taking care of my health. And I’m not saying I’m the role model of vegetarianism, but you have to know, being me doesn’t just mean being a vegetarian. I am also a thinker and I will always weigh different options and see which one fits better into my moral map and my way of life. And I am so happy that you guys are the first people with whom I can share this change in my world. Hope you don’t hate me for it. I  know it’s not always smart to be honest, but Peach Black is me. And what you read here is always an honest expression of how I feel and what I think.


Peach Black

Maturantski in poročni utrinki

29. Januar 2014

Prejšnji teden me je prijateljica in oblikovalka Valerija Kralj povabila na sejem Maturantski in poročni utrinki. Ko sem slišala za prihajajoči sejem sem Valeriji tudi ponudila pomoč pri postavljanju razstavnega prostora. V petek navsezgodaj sva se odpravili v hotel Union, da bi uredili njen prostor in moram priznati, da sem na prvi pogled bila rahlo presenečena, nad majhnostjo samega razstavišča. Seveda je prvi vtis bil napačen, saj sem sprva mislila, da bo dogodek potekal samo v enem prostoru, nakar sem v soboto ko sva z Alešom prišla veselo na delo ugotovila, da sem rahlo podcenila razsežnost dogodka. Dogodek se je odvijal v treh prostorih in ker sem vedela, da z Alešom nimava časa fotografirati vsega in obiskati vseh stojnic, sem se odločila da se osredotočiva le na oblikovalce oblačil in dodatkov. Najprej sva odšla do Valerije na kratek klepet, pol pa nadaljevala z delom na sejmu.

Valerija Kralj ValKing

Valerija je na sejmu predstavila svojo kolekcijo oblačil za maturantke plese in eno prečudovito svileno večerno obleko v zlati barvi. Na Valerijinem razstavnem prostoru pa me je najbolj navdušila obleka, ki se v pasu loči z zadrgo in iz katere dobiš krilo in bluzo, ki ju lahko nato kombiniraš v nešteto kombinacijah. Menim, da so takšna oblačila zares super in da bodo v prihodnosti še zelo popularna.

Sintya Maja Milani

Poleg Valerije je svoj razstavni prostor imela tudi Sintya Milani, s katero sva že sodelovali tako da mi je izposodila svoj nakit za modno zgodbo Victoria’s wicked game. Sintya je predstavila kolekcijo nakita primernega za posebne priložnosti ter za vsak-dan. Sintyin nakit mi je nasplošno zelo všeč,  moram pa priznati da je mojo pozornost še posebej pritegnila bela asimetrična ogrlica. Res je bila nekaj posebnega.


Na razstavnem prostoru Enainedina mi je bila res nekaj posebnega obleka v puder roza barvi in indigo obleka ki si jo ogledujem na sliki. Zelo mi je všeč da sta obleki ženstveni a še vseeno izražata določeno nedolžnost, kar je nalašč za priložnosti, kot so maturantski plesi.

Zlatarstvo Gajšek

Pri zlatarstvu Gajšek so se mi najbolj vtisnili v spomin prstani v stekleni izložbi, ki so bili narejeni iz dvobarvnega zlata.

Zlatarski atelje Mengeš

Petra Jančar Jewelry

Oblikovalka, ki pa me je res navdušila s svojim nakitom pa je bila vsekakor Petra Jančar, oblikovalka ki vam naredi nakit po naročilu z navdihom iz vaše obleke. Petrin nakit iz žice in poldragih kamnov je bil prava paša za oči in je od sobote naprej na mojem seznamu bodočih nakupov. Komaj čakam :)

Carlo Pignatelli

Taurus Atelier

Taurus Atelier se je predstavil z moškimi oblačili narejenimi iz tkanin vrhunske kakovosti. Glede moške mode res nisem strokovnjakinja, a vam priznam, da bi kakšno tako obleko zelo rada videla na svojem fantu.

Zlatarstvo Lavtižar

Pri zlatarstvu Lavtižar mi je bil zelo všeč prstan, ki ga držim na sliki. Všeč mi je bil ker je minimalističen a je na njemu še vedno detajl, ki ga popestri. In še toliko bolje, ta detajl je srce. Simbol ljubezni, ki ga, čeprav je kičast, obožujem.

Beli Cvet

Beli Cvet so predstavili poroko na malo drugačen način, in sicer v roza barvi. Obleka sicer ni v mojem stilu, a saj veste kako pravimo: “vsake oči imajo svojega malarja.” in verjamem, da je veliko gospodičen, ki bi rade postale gospe prav v tej obleki. Beli cvet ima v svojem salonu preko 50 poročnih oblek, kjer je delovni čas po predhodnem dogovoru in se prilagodijo vam.


Grazia me je navdušila z obleko z viola krilom iz organze in korzetom iz bleščic. Ko si predstavljam svoj maturantski ples, katerega se nisem imela priložnosti udeležiti, si predstavljam sebe v takšni obleki. Torej: ne preresna, igriva in polna energije :)

Zlatarna Celje

Zlatarna Celje je bila ena od zadnjih stojnic pri kateri sva se z Alešom zaustavila. Po dveh urah in pol ogledovanja nakita in poročnih prstanov, sem še komaj ločila prstana od ogrlice. A še vseeno se spomnim prstanov z vtisnjenim vzorcem in prstanov iz kolekcije Damiani s svojo posebno obliko.

Ana Gregorič

Zaustavila sva se tudi pri fotografinji Ani Gregorič, ki se je predstavila s ponudbo paketov poročnih fotografij. Slike Ane Gregorič si drugače lahko ogledate tudi na njeni spletni strani in blogu o poročnih fotografijah, kjer boste že takoj videli, zakaj je Ana dobitnica nagrade Sony World Photography ter s čim je očarala že množico parov, ki so jo najeli za fotografiranje njihove poroke.

Mod 'Art

Pri Mod ‘Artu mi je bilo najbolj všeč to, da so v njihovi ponudbi poleg oblačil tudi obutev, nakit in perilo. Torej vse kar bodoča zakonca potrebujeta za njun najpomembnejši dan.

Maja Ferme

Na razstavnem prostoru Maje Ferme pa je bilo zelo zanimivo. Z Majo sva se zapletli v pogovor o poročni modi, modi nasplošno in prihodnosti le te. Moram priznati, da je Maja, poleg tega da je odlična oblikovalka, tudi zelo prijeten sogovornik. Razložila mi je, da modo in trende ne vključuje le v večerne toalete, temveč tudi v poročne obleke, kar je zelo redek pojav, saj veliko oblikovalcev pri izdelavi poročnih oblek ne upošteva trendov. Zelo mi je bila všeč tudi njena moška kolekcija za poroko. Detajli na oblačilih so zelo lepo in natančno izdelani, uporabljeni materiali so vrhunske kakovosti, oblačila sama pa zelo lepa.


Krinolina je predstavila poročne obleke v “vintage” stilu ter maturantske z navdihom iz različnih obdobij. Tako smo lahko videli obleke, ki so spominjale na modna obdobja vse od šestdesetih do devetdesetih let. Vsekakor pa je najbolj izstopala dolga črna obleka z našitimi kovicami.


Le manege a bijoux E.Leclerc

Zlatarstvo Bivic Kranj


Upam da ste v mojem prispevku uživali. Upam pa tudi, da sem bodočim nevestam in ženinom, s svojim prispevkom vsaj malo olajšala izbiro oblačil in dodatkov za poroko.

Fotograf - Aleš Jenko

Imejte se lepo

Peach Black
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