15 October 2014

Month of design passed by so quickly and so many other things happened last week that I totally forgot to tell you about all the awesome events and exhibitions. First I have to tell you about the fashion show at Month of design. I had a really great time, I went there with my friend Barbara (FirstBlueShoes), met up with Aleš my photographer at the venue and also coincidentally ran into my friend Agnes (AgnesKrownBlog) who was with her lovely friend Dominik :). The organization of the show really surprised me in a good way. Bloggers were actually seated and there was live music by the band All Strings Detached, which was so ethereal that we didn’t even realize it was being played live. The whole event was amazing and I had such a great time with all the awesome people I was with. And now I finally have some free time to tell you about it.

Me & Babara Karničar (FirstBlueShoes)

Dominik & Agnes Krown (AgnesKrownBlog)

Since I decided I’m not doing fashion show reviews as I used to anymore, I’m going to do this one differently. I’m only going to talk about my favourite pieces from now on instead of all pieces and all designers. So here they are:

My favourite pieces:

(Asa Kazingmei) I love this piece because it looks like an elven armor and the deep teal colour of it is such an unusual choice but it works perfectly and when you look at the end result, it’s amazing. It’s edgy, it’s sophisticated and youthful.

(Divka) I love this dress because it’s simple yet the draping looks really intricate. I love that it’s white with graphic elements and pops of colour. It looks elegant, ethereal and also youthful.

(Wisharawish) This piece I love because it’s a mix of different design elements, one would never think of putting together. But this dress is a proof it can be done in an amazing way. I also love that the upper part is organic and flowy and the bottom part architectural and lacking in movement. This makes a perfect contrast in one dress, and I’m always a sucker for contrasts.

Hope I could show you at least a glimpse of the beauty hidden in these pieces. If you want to see all of the pieces live and touch them you can do it at Month of Design until 6 November.

Photos by Aleš Jenko


Peach Black

08 October 2014

It’s not every day your design gets the title timeless. But at Month of Design every year the award for timeless design is given to a designer for their creation. This award fascinates me the most, because each year you get to see an item which was widely used in the whole former Yugoslavia and the designer who had created it. For us who are still “old” enough to remember some of these products being used, it brings a kind of Yugo-nostalgia. Which maybe you can only understand if you are from former Yugoslavia. So let me explain in a really simple manner how it sounds here. You know when you say “good old times”, here there is a version of this saying and it goes like this: “in Yugoslavia”. It’s sad then that everything ended so catastrophically, but now when the times are calmer people here look back at those times when we were all one country in a more positive and nostalgic manner. This is the kind of feeling the award for timeless design brings back to me.

This year’s winner in the category of timeless was Marjan Žitnik for his design for a pocket flashlight for Iskra in the year of 1979. The design is refined to the most basic features a flashlight needs, making it contemporary at all times - timeless. What I remember about this flashlight is that almost every household in Yugoslavia had it even at the time when I was 4. And the most important thing thats basically stuck in my memory about it is the feeling beneath your thumb when you turned it on or off. I remember playing with it when I was little and turning it on and off, because the button was so cool. Or simply flashing into somebody’s eyes, because yeah, to me fun meant being obnoxious and driving people crazy.

Marjan Žitnik

Anyways, I’m using this chance to congratulate Marjan Žitnik for the award won and for designing this awesome and timeless flashlight of which I will always have fun memories from childhood.

Photos by Aleš Jenko


Peach Black

06 October 2014

One of the greatest benefits of having a blog is being able to visit all the amazing events and exhibitions and sharing them with my readers. One of these amazing events/exhibitions is opening today in Ljubljana.

Month of Design is an annual and one of the most important events, organized by Zavod BIG and features an award ceremony, exhibitions by designers from all over south-east Europe, lectures by design professionals and events targeted at connecting designers and buyers.

My experience from last year is a great one and I really recommend visiting it, if you are a designer, design enthusiast or just yearn for a quality time spent while in Ljubljana.

You can check out Month of Design schedule in Slovenian here and in English here.

Thank you Zavod BIG for making my visit to MO possible.


Peach Black

04 October 2014

I don’t know why, but when I see a library I feel instantly drawn to it. All these books just waiting on the shelves and flirting with people that pass them by. Take me, take me!!! I want you to hold me and read me! Hmmm....

Well, anyhow, the other day I found myself flirting back with a few of them. One of which was this lady in white - Design & Details by Candie Frankel, Michael Litchfield and Candace Ord Manroe. And what was really funny is that at a first glance it didn’t seem so interesting, so I put it back on the shelve, but somehow, and don’t ask me how, because I have no idea, it found itself back in my pile of books. I was kind of wondering why my bag was so heavy, but I found out soon enough. What was even more interesting was when I started reading it I couldn’t stop. This book is not just filled with great images, it also provides some really important information which I couldn’t find anywhere else. For example: information on lighting - where to point the spotlights? It’s such a banal thing, but you can’t find it in every book. Or information on how to direct movement through the space, so that people don’t linger in just one corner. And it’s all written so simply, there’s no pondering about what the authors meant and waisting precious time on deciphering crazy terminology. So if you’re planing on decoration or redecorating your space and need some basic information on how to do it effectively I really recommend reading this book. The book was published in 2002, but never the less, the knowledge you’ll find inside is timeless and classic if you know how to combine it with more current design details.

P.S.: You might have also noticed that this book has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. This is because interior design along with fashion, has been one of my passions since I was little. It went even so far at one moment, that my parents bought me a computer software for 3D interior design and landscaping when I was like 12 or something. I guess I just needed to move to a new apartment with more space to find this lost passion of mine which I now feed with inspirational books like this one and Pinterest.

You can find this book on Amazon here. And if you need some interior design inspiration you can check out my board on Pinterest.



Peach Black

02 October 2014

If you let the universe work its’ magic and don’t interfere with its’ course, you will be exactly where you should be. Is it doing nothing then and being completely passive that gets you there? And are you actually free if you let go and simply float about this life?

For me the ultimate freedom is letting myself be free. Free of worries of where and how I am going to “end up”. Free of fear that I’m going to fail. Free of concern of what others and most importantly I will think of me if I decide it’s time to change.

No strings attached is what it should feel like. If you let yourself go of all these strings you are going to reach balance. The same balance that every physical substance exists in in the universe. Do you think the Moon worries where she will end up and how she will survive if she doesn’t turn around the Earth? Or that she strives to have all the Earth’s gravity just for herself? If the universe behaved the same way our mind does, there would be chaos. Well, actually there would be nothing. Because nothing is the only thing that can exist in chaos. Individualism is unnatural as my friend Aleksandar Ruben put it. It only exists in our minds. Along with the fear of not being free it is the strongest string that separates us from our freedom. Only when we learn to let go of our strings are we going to find the true freedom.

Freedom to change back to ourselves...


Photos by Aleš Jenko

Harem pants and socks - H&M
Top - Naf Naf
Necklace - Bijoux (Hala A BTC)
Sneakers - Tommy Hilfiger
Jacket - Stradivarius
Bag - Peach Black


Peach Black

17 June 2014

Hunting stylish people around Ljubljana for Dnevni Kich proved to be lots of fun. I got to work with my friend and co-bloger Barbara from First Blue Shoes. While I was taking photos, she was on the lookout for crazy prints and talking to people we've just photographed.

Here's a selection of the most interesting prints and mix of colours we found on the streets of Ljubljana.

1 - Anja    2 - Danaja    3 - Oliver    4 - Marja    5, 6 - Mark


Peach Black

16 June 2014

The summer is here and travel season with it. Where are you going this year? I’ll be going to the sea-side, to Paris and on a few trips around my beautiful country. So basically, via anywhere from Ljubljana. And even though I love it and I really enjoy the sunny days here, as soon as I catch the first scent of summer in the air, I get the urge to escape somewhere. Looking for new adventures and beautiful memories.

Via: anywhere

If you'd like to see more photos of my outfit, visit Dnevni Kich - a really cool website which makes blogers feel right at home :) 

This post wouldn't be possible without:

Photographer Aleš Jenko
Dnevni Kich Slovenija
BTC City Ljubljana

Thank you all for this :)

Clothes - Jones (Kristalna palača BTC)
Sandals - Franco (Hala A BTC)
Suitcase - Toko - Samsonite (Hala A BTC)
Jewellery - My own from H&M


Peach Black

13 June 2014

Before I saw this kimono, I never thought I could love gold colour. I thought it looked cheap and tacky. But when I saw this kimono I fell in love instantly. I found it in Primark in London and it was basically the only thing I bought on my trip there. I promised myself I won’t go crazy with shopping  and that I would only buy something that really stood out. Something special. I have to say I’m proud of myself because I kept my word.

Another good thing about not intending to actually shop in London was that I could focus on finding something that I would wear and love for years to come. So you see, this gold sequined kimono isn’t just a piece of clothing for me. It’s also a souvenir and to me, a token of my victory over senseless shopping for things you don’t even want, just because they’re cheap or a brand.

Gold sequins entwined in the knit are the ones that I was drawn to. Not because they were obvious and screaming, but the opposite. Because they were so understated and they gave of that subtle sheen, which is the one thing that made this piece so special and chic.


Peach Black

11 June 2014

I love this jacket I made for a fashion show a few years ago. Every time I look at it I feel so inspired. The colours, the print and the cut instantly make me focus on who I am as a designer and what I love.

This for me is very important, because I find it very hard to focus on just one thing I love. There are so many beautiful things in the world, the shapes, the colours, and sometimes I feel all over the place with all the things I love.

But when I look at this jacket, it takes me back to me in an instant.

The shape was inspired by hoodies. There is no actual hood on it, I merely made it look as though there is a hood in the back. The print reminds me of impressionists’ paintings.

The idea behind is to take a typical sporty piece of clothing and transform it into something elegant. Thus joining the two opposite sides of fashion - sport and elegance.


Peach Black

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