13 October 2015

I haven’t been here for a long long time. And I absolutely needed this time to figure out, not what I wanna do with my life because this I already know, but how to do it. I have a dream and it’s not a big dream. All I want is to make a living doing what I love. And while the whole world is falling into pieces and the future is really uncertain (you all know the refugee situation and god knows what’s next) I’ve decided not to be an ignorant bitch about it, but to knowingly and stubbornly go about chasing my dreams and sing Que sera sera every time I get anxious about the future.

There are a million of paths you can take in life and think they will lead you to happiness. But happiness is not waiting for us at the end of the road, happiness is always by our side whenever we choose to follow our heart. And even when you fail or hit a bump in the road, it doesn’t matter. Because as long as you are on your own road, and stay true to your heart, happiness is there with you to lift you up and help you carry on the chase.

P.S.: Chase your dreams like a cat chases the mouse. You know, always take some time to play while you do it. And never get too serious or too cheeky about it.

Photos by Aleš Jenko

Coat - NewYorker
Sweater, shorts, socks and necklace - H&M
Tights - Have no idea
Sneakers - Converse All Star (Cocozebra Hala A BTC)


Peach Black


03 February 2015

How to forget the unforgettable? How to let go of the legendary? How to get over the exhilaration of the amazingly awesome everyday?
Is there a way?
A secret recipe to it maybe?
And if there were one, would you try it?
Would you try to forget and let go and get over it?
Or would you ... try to restore it perhaps?

Would you search for the missing link until you’ve gone completely mad?

Or would you just settle with it being lost forever?



Time passes quickly and swiftly. It disappears before we can even notice it. There is not even a memory left of it. There is only a mere impression left in our heart.

With each moment passing our hearts are filled with new impressions. Be it bad or good ones, you are the one who needs to make sure there is always enough space for the good ones. How? By cleaning out the bad ones of course.

You aknowledge them, give them a hug, say thank you and bon voyage into oblivion.

Then you open your arms and your heart wide and say: “amazingly awesome everyday impressions you are so so welcome in! Stay here as long as you want, this is your home now!”.

And you pour yourself a glass of champagne and celebrate another day in paradise.

Photos by Aleš Jenko

Strap shirt - Naf Naf
Blouse - Stradivarius
Cardigan - TopShop
Bead necklace - Accessorize
Necklace - Accessories
Harem pants - Promod
Boots - Bagatt
Coat - Naf Naf


Peach Black


23 January 2015

There’s this (not exactly) new place in Ljubljana, but let’s say it’s relatively new. It called Pritličje and it was opened in November. Since then I have been watching all these Instagram and Facebook posts about its’ interior design and wanting to go have a cup of whatever there and finally see its’ design with my own eyes.
So last week I finally went and I didn’t really care what they had to drink or eat, as long as I could sit there and look at this notorious interior. And maybe take some pictures if I liked it.

You can obviously see that I liked it, since there wouldn’t be this post on my blog otherwise.

The spider lights are really trending right now. Let’s see how this design handles the hand of time. It’s really interesting to see interiors or clothes change, or better say, us change our relationship towards them as time passes. Some turn into classics and some just look drab after some time. I have a feeling this trend might turn into a classic because it’s minimalistic and extremely functional. I’ve mostly seen the unpractical details lose their shine through time, let’s wait and see I guess.

The fridge is the hidden treasure of this place. You can only see it if you go to the bar or if you’re sitting where I was. It’s beautiful to me because it’s graphic and monotone but also childish in way because of the whimsical illustration.

I’ve been obsessing with these caged lights since the beginning of summer. I’m planning to put some similar ones above my kitchen table. Here you can see the continuation of the graphic nature of fridge to the ceiling, which this minimalist lighting creates with the white walls in the background.

Love this container tin on the bar. Whenever I see an unconventional material successfully incorporated in a design, be it interior or fashion, I fall in love with it. Why? Because using conventional materials is the easiest and most boring choice. Using something new really shows the genius of the designer’s imagination.

They decided to use workspace lighting above the liqueur shelves, which I associate more with an engineer office than with the bar. But exactly this is what makes it genius because if you think about it, bartenders are kind of like engineers. They engineer your cocktails. :D

I’m not sure if they’ve left this wall as it was originally or they’ve created this look, but I’m loving the distressed and aged look under the plexiglass. It’s a good contrast between the old and the new, the matt and the glossy. This detail is one of those that nobody pays special attention to it other than to read what’s written on it, but details like these are exactly what I love about interiors. This wasn’t put here randomly. This is design.

I love the industrial details combined with romantic prints on the cushions and the chairs. In fashion you can see these details in the form of lace and leather combo, or a negligee with a men’s blazer. It’s the combination of masculine and feminine that makes this combination so amazing. Imagine how this place would appear if there were no feminine details in it and the fabrics used were grey and manly? Or even worst, if they used leather? It would go either in the direction of looking like an office for prudes or with the leather it would probably look like Rihanna’s video for S&M. Hahaha

This box just looks so funny to me, I had to take a photo of it to show you. No deeper meaning to it I guess :D

The space behind is meant for the concerts I guess. I haven’t been here at night yet. This will be my next mission. What I like about this space is that it looks antique again but with the modern furniture. The only thing I would do differently here, would be to put the furniture more to the middle of the place at day time so it doesn’t look so strict, and put some cushions on the chairs as well to make it look softer and welcoming.

Sorry I didn’t tell you about the drinks and the food they have at Pritličje. But this post is about interior design and decor, not about eating. If you love what you see as much as I do, you can check Pritličje for yourself at Mestni trg 2 in Ljubljana. If you do decide to visit it please leave a comment on this post and tell me what you thought about it. I know I’ll be there as many times as I possible can, sipping my cup of whatever and feeding my eyes with this industrial beauty.


Peach Black


22 January 2015

Hey Peaches!!!

If you were wondering what happens between the posts, you can check my Instagram and Facebook page. There's plenty of stuff I share with my readers there and we can also share things that inspire us with each-other in an easier manner. You will also notice that I have become obsessed by Instagram since one month ago.

Feel free to stop by and leave a thought.

P.S.: Hope you love my new logo ;)

Blessed be!


Peach Black


14 January 2015

Sometimes I ask myself: “what year would I travel back into if I could and what would I do differently? Would I change anything? Would that make me a different person, since all the memories I have now would be stuck with me anyway? Do I even want to be a different person? I always want to be a better person, I know that. How would life be now?”. When I start to ask myself these questions, I unwillingly lose myself in my mind. I can go on for days like this. I literally get stuck in my own bubble. And my bubbles can sometimes be impenetrable. I sound a little bit autistic I guess. And drawn into myself. But these impenetrable bubbles I make get me through the days.

Sometimes these sessions with myself get so intensive, I start to wonder if this world is even real or is it all just a part of my imagination. But then I realize it can not be so. Because if this were a part of my imagination I’d surely imagine it differently.

People I’d imagine would be super sensitive to what others feel. They would have a sense of moral implanted in them in the form of a body organ essential to their existence. The needs of every single person would be the needs of everyone alive.

Love would be the queen of our world and she would be the beating heart of our existence.

The only sound coming from our mouths would be the sound of laughter and joy. And the words I LOVE YOU would echo across our planet, so that everyone could hear them, even the Venus herself. And she would shy and blush away knowing that our own little Earth has over-shone her with her HEART.


Photos by Aleš Jenko

Cap - Accessorize
Necklace - Bijoux (Hala A BTC)
Coat - Naf Naf
Lace cardigan - Intimissimi
Rings - SIX
Shirt - ZARA
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Stockings - Calzedonia
Boots - Bagatt
Bag - Peach Black


Peach Black

06 January 2015

You'll need:

For the loom:

A painting canvas (size of your choice)

For weaving:

Warp thread (that’s the vertical)
Weft string (this is the one you move through the warp thread to create a pattern)
Cardboard toilet paper role

How to do it:

1 - Mark dots 1cm apart from each-other on the bottom and on the top of the canvas. Hammer the nails in each dot. Now remember, this is very important - clean all the nails with a cleaning cloth. Best to do it with some that already has the detergent in it. You have to do this, because the nails might be dirty and then your product will be also. And there you go, you have a weaving loom.

2 - Now all you have to do is take the warp thread, make a knot and attach it to the first nail (doesn’t matter if it’s on the bottom or top). Then pull the thread vertically to the first nail on the other side and then across to the next one on the same side. Then pull it vertically again to the second nail. Do this until your whole loom has been threaded.

3 - Use the first aid tape and tape it horizontally above the bottom and below the top nails. Do this so your warp threads don’t fall of the nails while you weave. Then you can salut yourself with a glass of wine or grape juice if you’re an AA and start to weave finally. Tadaaaa!!!

4 - Well, not just yet. You still have to make some kind of a shuttle for the weft string. To make a shuttle I used the cheapest option I could think of. I took a cardboard toilet paper role and turned it into a weft shuttle. You can also use a ruler if you have an extra, I just couldn’t seem to find another one, since I use the one I have to create space between warp threads so I can pull the weft shuttle easily through them. Creating a weft shuttle is easy. Just wrap the yarn around it and cut it. When you run out of the yarn you can simply wrap another weft shuttle and continue with your work.

5 - Now you can actually and finally start to weave. I found that the easiest way to pull the shuttle through the warp threads is to insert a ruler under every second thread and then turn it around to create some space between them.

For some inspiration on what you can create check out my Pinterest board Interior Design Inspiration and for more tips on how to weave check out this awesome video by Sandy Boccuzzo.

There you go. Hope you enjoyed this post and happy creating.

Photos by Peach Black


Peach Black

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