17 June 2014

Hunting stylish people around Ljubljana for Dnevni Kich proved to be lots of fun. I got to work with my friend and co-bloger Barbara from First Blue Shoes. While I was taking photos, she was on the lookout for crazy prints and talking to people we've just photographed.

Here's a selection of the most interesting prints and mix of colours we found on the streets of Ljubljana.

1 - Anja    2 - Danaja    3 - Oliver    4 - Marja    5, 6 - Mark


Peach Black

16 June 2014

The summer is here and travel season with it. Where are you going this year? I’ll be going to the sea-side, to Paris and on a few trips around my beautiful country. So basically, via anywhere from Ljubljana. And even though I love it and I really enjoy the sunny days here, as soon as I catch the first scent of summer in the air, I get the urge to escape somewhere. Looking for new adventures and beautiful memories.

Via: anywhere

If you'd like to see more photos of my outfit, visit Dnevni Kich - a really cool website which makes blogers feel right at home :) 

This post wouldn't be possible without:

Photographer Aleš Jenko
Dnevni Kich Slovenija
BTC City Ljubljana

Thank you all for this :)

Clothes - Jones (Kristalna palača BTC)
Sandals - Franco (Hala A BTC)
Suitcase - Toko - Samsonite (Hala A BTC)
Jewellery - My own from H&M


Peach Black

13 June 2014

Before I saw this kimono, I never thought I could love gold colour. I thought it looked cheap and tacky. But when I saw this kimono I fell in love instantly. I found it in Primark in London and it was basically the only thing I bought on my trip there. I promised myself I won’t go crazy with shopping  and that I would only buy something that really stood out. Something special. I have to say I’m proud of myself because I kept my word.

Another good thing about not intending to actually shop in London was that I could focus on finding something that I would wear and love for years to come. So you see, this gold sequined kimono isn’t just a piece of clothing for me. It’s also a souvenir and to me, a token of my victory over senseless shopping for things you don’t even want, just because they’re cheap or a brand.

Gold sequins entwined in the knit are the ones that I was drawn to. Not because they were obvious and screaming, but the opposite. Because they were so understated and they gave of that subtle sheen, which is the one thing that made this piece so special and chic.


Peach Black

11 June 2014

I love this jacket I made for a fashion show a few years ago. Every time I look at it I feel so inspired. The colours, the print and the cut instantly make me focus on who I am as a designer and what I love.

This for me is very important, because I find it very hard to focus on just one thing I love. There are so many beautiful things in the world, the shapes, the colours, and sometimes I feel all over the place with all the things I love.

But when I look at this jacket, it takes me back to me in an instant.

The shape was inspired by hoodies. There is no actual hood on it, I merely made it look as though there is a hood in the back. The print reminds me of impressionists’ paintings.

The idea behind is to take a typical sporty piece of clothing and transform it into something elegant. Thus joining the two opposite sides of fashion - sport and elegance.


Peach Black

10 June 2014

Enchanted forest collection is inspired by forest and everything that's so enchanting about it. The bountiful fauna and flora, the light shining through the colourful trees in the autumn and the crackling of the leaves and branches in the wind.

Each bag has a ribbon in a unique place, showing that the person wearing it is also unique.

The bags are made with durable fabric with a high wear and tear resistance. On the inside, you’ll find a zippered pocket for your smaller belongings and a mobile pocket. The lining used is a durable polyester with a semi-gloss coating, giving it a subtle yet beautiful sheen.

There are two model of bags in this collection. The saddlebags and the drawstring bags which both come in different sizes. The drawstring bag also features a unique way of fastening, which was invented by Peach-Black. The string with which you close it is also the handle. When you hold it the bag closes automatically, so there is no need to worry of pickpockets in crowded areas.

So, you see, Peach-Black bags aren't just pretty, they're also practical.

08 June 2014

Have a lazy daisy Sunday afternoon ;)


Peach Black

30 May 2014

As you guys might have noticed, after Fashion Week Ljubljana ended I started collaborating with a Slovenian website Dnevni Kich. I wrote a few posts for them already and now it was time to do an outfit for them.
The editor Katja Kaja asked me if I would like to go to our largest shopping center BTC, borrow clothes and accessories from a few stores and do an outfit post for them. Of course I said YES. What else would I say. They didn't give me any directions, since they want blogers on their site to be authentic and to create something in their own style. Which, for me, was the most important fact about this collaboration. I really couldn't pretend to like something which I don't and then put it in an outfit post. So the following outfit is borrowed, but it's nothing I wouldn't wear or buy by myself if I had the means. I would actually buy the whole outfit :D :D

This outfit post is called Tropicano, because I was inspired by the tropical spring we had here in Ljubljana. I couldn't help but wonder: 'If spring was so hot, how the hell are we going to get through the summer?'. My answer was:'Wear a cool outfit!'. 

Hahaha, so that was kind of a joke. But really, as you can see in the photos the outfit really was inspired by tropical weather and plants.

The shape of the clothes is relaxed, the prints are wild like the rain forest and I even have a hat that reminded me of Indiana Jones (my favourite adventurer of all times).


If you'd like to see more photos of my outfit, visit Dnevni Kich - a really cool website which makes blogers feel right at home :) 

This post wouldn't be possible without:

Photographer Aleš Jenko
Dnevni Kich Slovenija
BTC City Ljubljana

Thank you all for this :)

Clothes - Jones (Kristalna palača BTC)
Sandals - Mass (Hala 7 BTC)
Jewellery - Pri Levčku (Hala A BTC)


Peach Black

17 May 2014

This is a new kind of post on Peach Black, and I had so much fun doing it, I decided to do it on the regular basis from now on. So this is how it works. I ask my fashion conscious friends (who are btw really cool and they each have a unique style of their own) a question. They answer and send me some pics of their outfits.

This time the question was a bit unique ;) and I hope I can find some good questions like this one in the future as well.

The question:

? What makes you unique as a person and how do you express it in your style ?

Barbara Karničar
(bloger at FirstBlueShoes)

I'm a person who looks at things with positive mind. I try to be happy so I often act silly and funny and don't care what others may think. Im just being me, Im just being happy. So that may often show through my choice of clothing. Whats really important to me is that I feel good in what I wear, so mostly I like to wear casual/comfy clothes. I like to add some fun accessory to fun things up a bit. But not too much, I really like simplicity and I want my personality to stand out more then my outfit. So sometimes you will see me in high heels (not too often) or sometimes you will see me wearing Star Wars shirt (proud to be a geek :)) with blue hat and my so called "happy shoes". Because everybody needs one right? Well fashion is a way to express yourself and to have fun with it. So be happy and have fun!

Katja Kozlevčar
(bloger at The Stylist and intern at Cosmopolitan Magazine)

I don't think of myself as very unique, in many ways I'm just like most young women around the globe. I like to enjoy life, I strive to find my place in the world, to have an inspiring job and last but not least to feel loved. Maybe the one thing that could separate me from many is that I'm not afraid of challenges and since I don't believe in regrets I do things without over-thinking them. That way I get to experience amazing stuff, like living in Paris, working on a cruise ship and working for Elle. 

How that translates in my style? I'm not sure it does. I think with my style I fill all the gaps in my personality. Things I wish I had, things I lack. I love to hide behind black, I imagine my look is kind of badass, full of studs, asymmetrical lines, leather jackets are a must. I love high heels but I literally live in my Converse, oversized is my middle name and I suck at accessorizing. Less is more definitely works with me. So yeah... completely opposite from what you can find underneath the clothes.

Neža Slak
(bloger at NezInFashionWonderland and a model)

I'm an independent girl. I love to experiment with clothes that people don't usually approve or like. It's a challenge to create something likable (or not) with it. I would wear a lot of old vintage clothes that my grandma almost threw away as well as man's clothing or any odd pieces. I'm not afraid of being bold. Mix this with some rocker soul and here you are- Nez in fashion wonderland.

Valerija Kralj
(fashion designer at Valerija Kralj Fashion and owner of the brand ValKing)

Because I know what makes me happy and which are the things that make each and every day beautiful and positive. I show this in my style by wearing skirts most of the time and emphasizing my femininity. I wear only natural fabrics and I care about my health and wellbeing. I know what looks good on me and that’s why I feel good and confident in my outfits. I love Victorian style of dressing and I feel very good wearing black along with some colourful accessories. I love red and I love to wear it in many different ways. I love lace, pleats and clothes with an unusual cut. I like to stand out :).

Thank you for participating girls, love you all :*

Each photo belongs to the person on the photo


Peach Black

08 May 2014

The third day outfit held a special meaning to me. Firstly because it was made just for me and especially for this occasion by my lovely friend Valerija Kralj. Secondly because it was kind of a premier appearance at a public event for this genius garment. Genius? Why genius you might think. Well, because it is simple, it can be done in any print, colour, fabric, whatever you chose and the final shape of the piece depends solely on the imagination of the wearer. It’s called the multifunctional rectangle and each one comes in two sides, which you can change and even mix together and create new outfits. You can basically wear this garment in million different ways. I chose to wear it as a jacket and I chose to show the angel side of it. The other side of my rectangle is black, so I have one really neutral side which I can wear when I need something more serious, and one really funky side with angels, which I can wear when I want something fun and striking.

Thank you Valerija for making this awesome piece just for me. Love you forever xoxoxo

Photo: Aleš Jenko


Peach Black

22 April 2014

I was really lucky and happy to wear such a beautiful outfit on Fashion Week. The blazer and the skirt are by my friend and designer Eva Jančar Kalan (Evita clothing) who acted as my fairy and turned me into a princess for that night. Thank you so much Eva.
The shoes are by a Slovenian company Peko, the necklace by Perla (also from Slovenia) and my clutch is by Killah (not from Slovenia).

Hope you love it as much as I do :)

Photo: Matevž Kalan

Photo: Aleš Jenko

Blazer and skirt - Eva Jančar Kalan (Evita clothing)
Shoes - Peko
Necklace - Perla
Clutch - Killah


Peach Black

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